Hula Hooping

Hoop Safety!

I know it sounds silly but this isn’t the hula hooping of your childhood. These hoops are heavier and provide you with an excellent all over cardio workout! As a learner you may get bruises if you are really going for it.


Particularly on the hops, the back of the hands and anywhere else you may happen to hit yourself (ankles, elbows and knees!) They are only minor injuries and you might grow quite proud of them – from extreeeeeeeme hooping!


What to Wear

It is a good idea to wear clothing made from natural materials like cotton – most tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts will be fine. This will help the hoop ‘stick’ to your body and reduce the number of times it falls!


Wear trainers or pumps to protect those feet and toes.


Once you’ve progressed and feel ready to move onto more complicated moves you will find that bare skins is the best surface for hooping on.
By this stage you will be more controlled with the hoop and warm bare skin provides great grip for the hoop to whirl around.


Hoop classes are quite unique to other exercise classes – you should be warned that fun will be had.


Your first class will cover the basic hooping technique and will explore the moves you can learn.


You might find it tricky to begin with but progress is quickly achieved. There will always be time for one to one help in the class so please don’t be afraid to ask.


Classes are suitable for all – young and old, male and female and people of varying levels of fitness. Everyone will go home with at least one new hoop skill.


Hooping is really a progressive experience so you will learn new moves each week and at the end of the 6 week course we will have a firm basis of a full cardiovascular total body and mind workout.


Expect to drop the Hoop! Hoops – A – Daisy. If there are no failures, there would be no success!


This is perfectly normal. As you progress you will find that you don’t get those bruises any more. With practice you will gain better control of the hoop and will keep it spinning more easily above your hip bone rather than knocking against it.